Webinar: Accelerate Learning this Summer with PBL & STEM

The summer presents an opportunity to accelerate learning and help students meet their full potential. In this webinar, administrators from Montgomery County Public Schools will share the Extended Learning Opportunities and Project-Based Learning (PBL) that they provide students to help accelerate their literacy, math, and science skills.
In this webinar, you'll learn: 
  • Professional development strategies for coaches and summer learning facilitators
  • Project selection best-practices for cross-curricular learning and maximum engagement
  • Lessons learned from last summer that will impact summer learning this year

Featured Educators:

Dadre Blake

Dadre Blake

Instructional Specialist, Division of Early Childhood and Title I Programs, Recovery Funds Division & MCPS


Becca Dougherty

Acting Supervisor, Division of Early Childhood and Title I Programs, Recovery Funds & MCPS

Kathryn Williams

Kathryn Williams

Instructional Specialist, Accelerated and Enriched Instruction & MCPS



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