Webinar: Closing the Opportunity Gap Through Career-Connected PBL

Connecting what students are learning to careers through hands-on career experiences not only deepens students' understanding but also helps them make more informed choices about their future. Early exposure to career options is also a critical strategy for closing economic gaps and putting students on a path to a promising future.

In this complimentary webinar, you'll get research on career exploration in K-12 and how it impacts lifelong success and you'll learn how Broken Arrow Public Schools in Oklahoma is implementing career-connected PBL to drive academic transformation in 6th-12th.

You'll walk away with a replicable roadmap including turnkey tools, strategies, and ideas to bring back to your school/district to advance college and career readiness success.



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Sharon James

Sharon James is the Executive Director of Secondary Education at Broken Arrow Public Schools (OK) with over 25 years of experience. As a first-generation college student, Sharon’s philosophy for education has been that all students can be successful if given the opportunity to find a pathway that supports their goals and aspirations.

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Kalyn Miller

 Kalyn Miller is a middle school counselor in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. She has 4 years of teaching experience, 7 years of school counseling experience, and has worked as an LPC. She also serves as the middle school lead counselor for one of the largest districts in Broken Arrow. Kalyn's goal is that students are confident in themselves and their decision-making skills and successfully move through their education pa

MIke Speziale

Dr. Mike Speziale

Mike Speziale is the CEO for MIDA Learning Technologies which specializes in educational research, educational technology, and its integration in instructional systems, curriculum alignment, and professional development. Mike is an experienced educational leader with a demonstrated history of innovation in education.



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