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Welcome CT Educators!

The Connecticut State Department of Education is pleased to provide the Defined Learning platform at no cost to all schools in Connecticut. We are excited to help you create an engaging environment for your students that will empower them to build the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in college, careers, and life.

What are you receiving from Defined Learning?

Every public school in Connecticut will receive access to the Defined Learning Project-Based Learning content library.  This includes:

  • Access to hundreds of cross-curricular projects where students collaborate and solve problems through performance tasks aligned to STEM careers where students collaborate and solve problems.
  • Opportunities for teachers to build PBL implementation strategies through self-paced online PD modules.

Defined Learning is an online resource, available 24/7, designed to engage students in career awareness through project-and problem-based performance tasks. Each performance task assigned to students is completed through the context of a career to make learning relevant and to create a high level of engagement.  Concepts and skills are introduced in an authentic cross-curricular way to help students see the connections in science, math, language arts, social sciences, the arts and career, and technical education.

Every teacher will have access to free professional development in the form of self-paced Online PD Modules with Jay McTighe, co-Author of the Understanding by Design framework (UbD™) which offers a planning process to guide curriculum, assessment, and instruction. These modules are designed to give educators a deeper understanding of pedagogical foundations, practical strategies, and application of project-based learning (PBL) and authentic performance tasks. We will also be announcing additional professional development opportunities based upon geography that will be held virtually or in person if possible in the current teaching and learning environment.


How do I enroll my district in Defined Learning?
Defined Learning will attempt to contact your district, but we also encourage district leaders to reach out to Defined Learning to schedule an Implementation call.  Once your preferred method of logging in is established,  teachers will access Defined Learning at www.definedlearning.com, while students will access Defined Learning at https://students.definedlearning.com. Defined Learning works with login providers such as Google, Clever, and Classlink to provide easy access to the content.

Complete this form to get your school or district started on the platform. Alternatively, you can find your district contact here, or contact Brannan Kenny with Defined Learning to support the implementation of the platform within your class or district. She can be reached at brannan_kenny@definedlearning.com or at 847-644-0989, or schedule a meeting directly on her calendar.

Getting Started
To get you started, click here for an overview video from our Implementation Team:

Webinar Video Screen Shot-1

How can I receive professional development?

  • Learn how to integrate project-based learning (PBL) in your school or classroom, in this video on getting started with PBL
  • Deepen your understanding of PBL by content and grade, by joining an upcoming webinar by CSDE and Defined Learning that is tailored to meeting the needs of CT district leaders, designers, and educators. Each session will equip participants with new tools for integrating Defined Learning into the daily teaching and learning plan. Choose a session that is relevant or participate in all sessions. For more information and a list of upcoming webinar dates, click here.
  • Join a free and self-paced, online PD course featuring Jay McTighe that is available for you in your Defined Learning account in the "Resources" section.


Please feel free to contact our Support Team at (888) 759-5020 or info@definedlearning.com if you are in need of any assistance.