Defined Learning Launchpad: Supporting Learner Success Through Defined Learning

Defined Learning One-Day Face-to-Face Workshop: This offering is conducted in-person. The day begins with an immersion experience focusing on working through a task utilizing a teacher and student lens. Educators will reflect on this process along with the benefits and potential challenges and solutions for both teachers and students. This is followed by an overview of Defined Learning and connections to classroom curriculum and strategies to engage and enhance student learning. Educators will have time to identify tasks for use in the

The second half of the day focuses on developing a plan for the use of Defined Learning in the classroom. This includes timing, student outcomes and additional information including the Defined Learning task plan. Finally, participants will have a chance to brainstorm and discuss how they will share their new knowledge with other colleagues.



Date & Time: September 19th, 9:00 am - 1:45 pm (There will be a lunch break. Lunch is on your own and there is a café in the building.)

Location: State Office Building at 165 Capital Avenue, Hartford CT 06103

Audience: K-12 educators, instructional coaches (Maximum 40 educators)



Educators participating in this experience will:

  • Develop and design strategies connecting project based learning and Defined Learning performance tasks to support learner success
  • Participate in "conscious practice"
  • Reflect upon teaching practices and student learning
  • Brainstorm and discuss how educators will share their new knowledge with their colleagues


  • At least 1 performance task identified for the classroom
  • One performance task customized for classroom implementation
  • Formative and summative assessments identified
  • Performance Task Instructional Plan introduced and started
  • Create roll out plan for continued success (Google Form)



Introductions & Overview

This session is designed to introduce the High Quality Project Based Learning (HQPBL) framework and Defined Learning. This will include engaging in a performance task through the lens of an educator and as a teacher.

Participants will:

  • Construct knowledge and experience of HQPBL and Defined Learning through the active engagement in a Defined Learning performance task and project based learning processes
  • Individually and collectively reflect and analyze the active modeling experience

The second part of this session will focus on Defined Learning making alignments and connections with curriculum, instruction, assessment, and learning environment.

Participants will:

  • Investigate the Defined Learning platform and the various connections to Understanding by Design (UbD) and HQPBL
  • Review Defined Learning and identify performance tasks for use with teachers and students in your setting
  • Develop the Defined Learning task planning template for the participant’s specific tasks
  • Review and reflect upon the learning activities and experiences for the day, as well as exploring the Teacher Tool Box
  • Develop the Performance Task Instructional Plan to guide classroom implementation

Learner Success Planning & Collaboration (Developing Champions) 

Participants will:

  • Develop short term goals for success and continued roll out
  • Identify potential supports teaching and learning utilizing Defined Learning performance tasks that the participant would like to see offered
  • Consider implementation plan for continued success
  • Conclusions & next steps