Regional Webinar: Deeper Learning as a Foundation for Career-Connected Learning in Pennsylvania

In today's evolving educational landscape, it is important to meet students where they are, offering programs and learning opportunities that meet the diverse needs and interests of all students.

View this webinar to hear Dr. Khalid Mumin, the State Secretary of Education for Pennsylvania, and educators from Clifton Public Schools discuss deeper learning as a foundation for career-connected learning. This webinar includes examples of best practices from Clifton Public Schools along with ideas, examples, and resources that educators can access to help you achieve your statewide deeper learning initiatives.

Featured Educators:

  • Dr. Khalid Mumin, State Secretary of Education for Pennsylvania
  • Erin Zmuda, Math Supervisor for Clifton Public Schools
  • Kristan Genchi-Kehoe and Jennifer Lanzerotti, Elementary Math Coaches for Clifton Public Schools


Success Stories



The collection of performance tasks developed by Defined Learning supports the UbD framework for curriculum, instruction and assessment. Through the utilization of ‘real world’ performance tasks and related resources, teachers engage their students in meaningful learning and authentic assessment – and that is the best preparation for the world outside of school.

Jay McTighe