White Paper: Early STEM Exposure Through Career-Focused PBL

Exposure to STEM concepts and careers should begin in elementary school when students’ natural curiosity is greatest. Providing students with opportunities to connect STEM skills to the real world exposes them to possible career paths and expands their vision of what is possible in life.
The sections in this guide include:
  • Why Teach STEM in Early Grades?
  • Why Focus on Careers Within STEM Instruction?
  • How Project-Based Learning Can Help
  • Examples of PBL in Action
  • Keys to Success


Success Stories



The collection of performance tasks developed by Defined Learning supports the UbD framework for curriculum, instruction and assessment. Through the utilization of ‘real world’ performance tasks and related resources, teachers engage their students in meaningful learning and authentic assessment – and that is the best preparation for the world outside of school.

Jay McTighe