Webinar: A Holistic Approach to Four Teachers, Four Subjects, One Cross-Curricular Course

Four teachers at Huntingdon Middle School (PA) have developed a turnkey rotation model to teach students how to apply STEM to real-world situations by completing cross-curricular, multifaceted projects. The webinar will focus on the creation and benefits of the rotation model, applying STEM in both low and high-tech environments, and getting students to see the “big picture” on how to use cross-curricular knowledge to problem-solve in real-world situations.
Featured Educators:
  • Samantha DeMatteo - Samantha is the Science part of the STEM Team. She has a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education for Chemistry and General Science from Pennsylvania State University. 
  • Sally Steward - Sally is the Technology part of the STEM Team. She is a graduate of Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education and has a Masters in Education in Library Science and Information Technology from Mansfield University. 
  • Matt Raker - Matt is the Engineering part of the STEM Team. He is certified to teach K-12. He has a Bachelor of Science in Technology Education, a Masters degree in Educational Leadership, his K-12 principal certification, and a Masters in Business Administration from Saint Francis University.
  • Ben Young - Ben is the Mathematics part of the STEM Team. He has a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Math Education from Pennsylvania State University. 


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