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Research from last year confirmed what was suspected: The pandemic has set back learning for all students. To catch up, many students need opportunities to make up the loss and accelerate their learning. The summer of 2021 presents a promising opportunity and school districts across the country are looking at this as a critical year for summer school.

In this complimentary webinar, you'll hear from districts that are turning to evidence-based approaches like Project-Based Learning (PBL) and STEM this summer to accelerate learning and help their students meet their full potential. 


Here's who will be among the presenters at our free April 8th webinar:

Cindy Moss-2
lakisha 2
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Dr. Cindy Moss

STEM Educator, Consultant and National Speaker 

Lakisha Kincherlow

Supervisor of Science in the Paterson Public
Schools District, Paterson, NJ

Rochelle Sandrin

Science Curriculum Specialist, Milwaukee Public Schools, WI

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Brandi Stroecker

Director, Tennessee STEM Innovation Network (TSIN)

Kristin McQueen

STEM Relationship Manager, Tennessee STEM Innovation Network (TSIN)