Webinar: Supporting Authentic Learning and Differentiation Through PBL

In this complimentary webinar, Jay McTighe and Carol Ann Tomlinson will explain how the Understanding by Design® curriculum framework and Differentiated Instruction support the use of authentic performance tasks and Project-Based Learning (PBL).

You'll also explore:

  • Definitions of differentiation and authentic learning, along with common misconceptions
  • Tips for uncovering new opportunities to differentiate through PBL
  • Assessment practices that make learning more meaningful and more purposeful

Featured Educators:

jay -1

Jay McTighe

Jay McTighe is an accomplished author, having co-authored 17 books, including the award-winning and best-selling Understanding by Design series with Grant Wiggins.

Carol Ann

Carol Ann Tomlinson

Carol Ann Tomlinson is an educator, author, and speaker. She is known for her work with differentiated instruction and has written more than 300 books, chapters, and articles for educators.


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The collection of performance tasks developed by Defined Learning supports the UbD framework for curriculum, instruction and assessment. Through the utilization of ‘real world’ performance tasks and related resources, teachers engage their students in meaningful learning and authentic assessment – and that is the best preparation for the world outside of school.

Jay McTighe