Webinar: Engaging Students in Career-Connected Learning Experiences that Build Portrait of a Graduate Competencies

Similar to a roadmap, a graduate profile or Portrait of a Graduate is vision statement the outlines the competencies and personal qualities students should posses by the time they complete a particular level of education and ultimately graduate. Creating a Portrait of a Graduate is critical to prepare students for the future and making it a reality involves effective implementation strategies and on-going commitment.

In this webinar, Sharon James from Broken Arrow Public Schools in Oklahoma will share how they created a Portrait of a Graduate for their elementary, middle, and high school students. Sharon is joined by Mike Speziale from MIDA Learning who will share the continuous research, effective implementation strategies, and tools that support educators in achieving these critical goals.

Here are the presenters:

Sharon James

Sharon James

Executive Director of Educational Programming at Broken Arrow Public Schools, OK

MIke Speziale

Dr. Mike Speziale

CEO of MIDA Learning Technologies