Webinar: Leading to Create a PBL Culture

When implementing a project-based learning approach in schools, it is crucial to prioritize culture and leadership. In this webinar, educators came together to discuss the challenges they faced and the lessons learned in creating a supportive Project-Based Learning (PBL) culture.

This webinar will cover topics related to students, teachers, leaders, parents, and the community as they relate to and affect the creation of a PBL culture. Listen to our presenter's success stories on implementing and maintaining a supportive PBL culture in their schools or districts and learn how you can do the same.

Featured Educators:

Simone Charles

Dr. Simone Charles

High School Principal, Los Angeles Unified School District, CA

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Ellie Foust

Dean of Instruction, Denver Public Schools, CO

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Dr. Gina Olabuenga

Professional Learning Consultant

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Dr. David Reese

Chief Academic Officer, Defined




Success Stories



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